Exhausted with the clangour of city life? Dreaming of a home away from the bawling busy streets? No wonder why this has become a common desire for every home aspirant, what with booming urbanisation creating havoc in people’s lives. To offer its customers the most beautiful living experience and to bring back the forgotten countryside small pleasures, Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah, a residential project from UNITED ENGINEERS LIMITED, Singapore has come with some of the rarest and unique amenities in the lap of nature.

It is situated near the Hillview area and boasts of many shopping areas and malls which cater to the needs of the residents of Dairy farm residents. The rail mall and HillV2 shopping centres are very near to the complex and have all the necessary household and official items. They are also the right recreational spots to move around.

Bukit Timah nature reserve

Bukit Timah nature reserve:

One of the best spots for nature lovers is Bukit Timah nature reserve which has tropical greenery typical to that of rain forests. You can have all adventurous sports and hiking trails. It is the best place for residents in Dairy farm residences offering many sightseeing places and beautiful natural sceneries. It gives such a charming appeal for you not to turn head off. It is considered one of Asia’s best nature reserves.

Cycling and Jogging trials in Bukit Timah:

Since Bukit Timah is the only remaining nature reserve with diverse natural species. It flaunts nearly 800 animal species and 500 plant species. One thing that any adventure enthusiast would love is the hiking, jogging and cycling trials which take place all through the year. You can also enjoy rock climbing and experience the summit view.

It lies about 10kms from the central district. There are many housing developments out of which Dairy farm residences is one of the primes.

Integrated development in Dairy farm residences:

There is the sincere intention in carrying out integrated development in Dairy farm. The central idea is to provide all the necessities to the residents without having to move out of your house. The events include restaurants within the compound, malls, salon and many others. It is difficult to move out of home for every need and Dairy farm understands this.

This way, while continuing your regularly fast-paced professional life, you can also enjoy the downside village calm and steady environment, which is the need of the hour for the modern busy lives.

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