A short guide to Securedoc

Are you worried about your document security? And didn’t find any reliable space to placed files safe and sound? Then don’t tired yourself by thinking more and just relay on virtual data room providers and disappear your all worries regarding the document. Securedocs is one of the cloud-based enterprises which provide space for confidential and important document storage with complete safety.

It is a multicoated company that gives a solution regarding data storage with ease. They are quit precisely concern about the security of their valuables. This VDR windows software available in two editions

 Standalone Enterprise
It deals with it based solutions including full disk encryption, multi-factor authentication, removable media container encryption, and file and folder encryption. It contains all the features of standalone and directs it to the administration through centralizes management systems. It is responsible to manage access policies, user login policies and credentials.

Products and solutions of Securedoc

Ø  Securdoc enterprise server Ø  Securedoc for Lenovo
Ø  Securedoc for windows Ø  Securedoc on top of BitLocker
Ø  Securedoc for FileVault 2 Ø  BitMana and many more…

 Features of the VDR

User invitation

Become the part of this software is as easy as you have to enter just an email address and that’s it. This task can be performed in bulk amount and can be handy when dealing with numerous user addition.


Users can upload files that want to be encrypted by using the drag and drop approach. An infinite amount of file can be upload which provides direct access to their particular user just by login to their ID.

A short guide to Securedoc


There is no compromise on security, files stored on any network are end-to-end encrypted and it can’t be accessed by any vendor.

Central management

The administrator ensures all the files and folders should be encrypted which involve in business policies. It centrally manages to access documents to its authorized users.

Quick accessibility

Information can be access by the users by typing simply the name and content but required permission to look into the desired information.


Users have a special IP address to access the documents. This platform also signs an agreement with the user if anyone wants to access your data. All the documents are personalized by watermarks as well.

Audit trail and pricing

You can use and understand the working, policies, and security of the platform by trying their trial period once you are satisfied by yourself then go for the premium membership, but it has fixed price regardless of how much data are you upload or not.

This is all about the Securedoc virtual data store, which delivers efficient and remarkable storage of data with easy access and a high-level security system.

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