Best for any occasion:

          Gift ideas are a personal aspect to anyone who wants to give the right product at the right occasion. Choice of gift tells a lot about the feelings that the giver has towards the receiver. The gifts can be chosen according to the ceremony like a school festival where the students are given a memento to remember by. One such gift items are the custom sandstone coasters that are made with a lot of creativity and also adding a lot of personal touch to the product. They are made of sandstone in general and there are other materials also that are used to make these one of a kind gift item. They stand the test of time as they are made of natural material.

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One of a kind:

  • The product is made of natural materials such as sandstone, marble, limestone and others. They come in two shapes such as square and circle. The ageing effect of the coasters gives it a very old appearance and thus gives an antique look to the coasters.
  • The package gives all the details of the product which is easy for you to understand and make a decision on which piece to order.
  • The package is made of wood such as mahogany and some are made of wrought iron which gives a farmhouse look to the whole set.

custom sandstone coasters

  • They are printed with elegant designs and they are very colorful and elegant at the same time.
  • The imprint on the coasters can be made according to your preference.
  • They carry out orders for special occasions such as school mementos, or to mark an anniversary such as a company or some other memorabilia.
  • They are made of absorbent material which is very innovative as it can leave no trace on the table and it stays clean from any stains.
  • Since the tea, coffee or any other beverage has a tendency to stain the wood or fabric, the coasters come handy and help in preventing the stains on expensive surfaces and textiles.

          The custom sandstone coasters are made to order and you can order them online right away and add it to the cart or you can add it to the wish list.

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