Agilent 7900 ICP-MS is most used instrument

ICP – MS is instrument which measures the all the elements of the periodic table. The analysis done by this instrument is quantitative or semi quantitative. The ICP is ionization resource it is completely decomposed in to an element and later converts those elements in to an ion. The ICP-MS technique is more enhanced in the Agilent 7900 ICP-MS. This basically used to test the elements of plasma, blood, saliva etc. I am sure that most of us might have gone for the blood test once in a life time. The doctor prescribes this test to identify the reason of any illness which a person is suffering from. Not only the biological fluids it can also test the metal samples. The metal which it can detect is lead, cadmium, cobalt, mercury, copper, plastic and many more. It can detect the metal trace in sewage come out of the industries, rain water, the regular drinking water, underground water and rain water

  • It can handle much higher tolerance compare to other instruments. It can even handle most impossible samples and give you the analysis.
  • If you look at the dynamic range it has the wider dynamic range. Due to the upper measurement limit is increased. It has better signal to noise. It is better instrument in faster signal analysis and more flexible.
  • Due to this the productivity of the lad technician has increased as this can give you faster results than other instrument, which is in turn saving lot of time.

Agilent 7900 ICP-MS is most used instrument

  • The software used in this instrument is very simple and powerful. The software used in this so advanced that it can write methods by itself for you. For best Data quality they use helium mode in the instrument. Due to this software there are lot more function available to be used.
  • Using this instrument is very easy if proper training is given to the user. It is very fast and very efficient.
  • The service team and the technical team are always ready to help the users with any type of queries.
  • You can say that it has no interference, as the little interference which it has is removable or decreased.
  • All the samples which are collected are first converted into a liquid form and then it is passed through the instrument. Once the sample is passed in to the instrument then the analysis is done on the sample. Once the analysis is completed then with the help of the software the data released is read and produced in a report format.


It is the best choice for the entire laboratory who wants a result with lowest detection limits and more productivity. If you are searching for such instrument then you can click on the below link and get more information

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