Characteristics of a Good Child Custody Attorney

Characteristics of a Good Child Custody Attorney

You are still struggling to adjust to your new life after a painful breakup, and now you once again have to deal with another problem – child custody. During these times, it is best that you work with trusted Houston child custody attorneys. But how will you know that you are hiring the best person for this job? Let’s go ahead and find out what characteristics you should consider when hiring a child custody lawyer.

Experienced Lawyer

A qualified child custody attorney should have experience in handling cases similar to yours. The lawyer should be well-informed and have the right knowledge of what the child custody laws are. He or she should know when it would be appropriate to be assertive or to even attempt to compromise what can benefit both parties. A calm resolution is usually considered first to avoid any tension and unnecessary stress that can affect the children. 

Sympathetic and Compassionate

Child custody lawyers know how stressful these times must be for everyone involved in the case. And through the years of working with clients with similar situations, for sure they have already learned how to empathize, sympathize, and just be compassionate especially when dealing with small children. They understand that this case can take a toll on both parties. 

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Good Communicator

A reliable child custody lawyer should regularly communicate with you and provide updates regarding the case. This way, you will know if there are changes made, especially when this can directly impact your children. This is also where the lawyers’ personality comes in. if the lawyer has a good personality, then it would be easier for the client to approach them.

Amazing Negotiating Skills

Another trait that you should consider when hiring a child custody lawyer would be their negotiating skills. He or she should be able to properly represent you during negotiations with your ex. Before going into this negotiation, you want to be going in with a confident negotiator and communicator to reason and argue on your behalf. That is why impressive negotiating skills are important for a child custody lawyer. 

Punctual and Reliable

And most importantly, you want to work with a child custody lawyer that is punctual and reliable. Your lawyer should be attentive and organized which is probably something that you cannot do at the moment. The person who represents you should be responsible not to be late during meetings. This gives you the assurance that he or she is taking your case seriously and not treat it like just another task to deal with.


Hiring the best child custody lawyer is key to winning this child custody battle. That is why it is important that you know how to pick the right expert who can help you during these difficult times. Remember that what you are after is welfare and what’s best for your children. And hiring a good child custody lawyer can help you do that.