Different Types of the Welding Respirators Available

You will find many different ways of protecting yourself while welding. In this post, we will check out some best kind of welding respirators used commonly today or you can visit weldinghelmetgenius.com and get the best from the list. Let us check out some of the best types of welding respirator for your need:

  1. Disposable respirators

Disposable respirators can be thrown away after its first use. Many times they are worn under the welding helmets. Since it’s disposable, it’s generally made from lightweight and cheap material. You don’t need to clean this after use as you are throwing this away. This type of respirator offers best mobility to a wearer. Due to its cheap material, it’s made from; it does not offer very good protection level. Moreover, it does not offer good coverage like the reusable welding respirator.

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  1. Reusable Respirators

Reusable respirator is the best economical approach when it comes to safety. Such helmets are inexpensive & can also be used several times. An only thing you need to be very careful is changing its filter when it gets dirty.

  1. Half-Mask Respirators

Half-mask welding respirators will perfectly cover your mouth and nose. They must be very good in fitting just to ensure no fumes go inside. For such reason, they will feel restrictive; decreasing its amount of time that wearer may use them. You will require more protection for eyes in order to avoid any kind of irritation from these fumes.

  1. Full-Mask Respirators

As its name implies, full mask respirator generally covers the whole face. This mask offers the complete coverage & is much safer than half-mask respirator. The fill-mask welding respirator masks will cover not only the mouth and nose, but it will also protect your eyes. Therefore, if there’re any fumes that will cause you eye irritation and worse, then these masks give best protection.

  1. Powered Air

Getting air purifying welding respirators will be another great option as they use the powered blower that will offer the air-purifying element through hose in the helmet. It is the higher level of safety compared to half respirator. This system uses very lightweight battery packs & shoulder straps that will power the units. Powered Air Respirators have got flip-up lenses that will expose the grinding shields so welders will grind or weld without breaking the respirator seal and removing the helmets.

  1. Supplied Air Respirators

This type of respirator provides clean air to a welder from air-purifying panel through air hose. These serve to cool air entering their helmet that will prevent the heat related injury. Sealed helmet is rightly connected to clean air since it is circulated continually throughout.

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