Funny Comedian to Heal You

Funny comedian, how is your doctor? It may sound, sorry the pun is here, funny, but there is some truth in it. If the comedian is really good, it will make you laugh a lot.

This is where the health benefits come from. The results of the study show that immediately after laughter there is a general increase in activity in the immune system. In particular, he showed that laughter loudly increased the number and level of activity of certain natural killer cells intended to attack bad cells, such as cancer. It also raised an antibody that fights upper respiratory tract infections. In addition, it increased the level of interferon gamma, a protein that triggers several aspects of the immune system.

The final results of the study also confirmed a general decrease in stress hormones, which limit blood vessels and slow down protective activity. It turned out that these drops in the main group were subject to laughter. Studies have shown that the simple expectation of laughter gives a real physical reward. Some people involved in the investigation were told in three days that they would be shown a funny movie. Shortly before the film began, the blood of these people showed that these people had already increased by 27% the amount of hormones called beta-endorphins.

Democratic Comedian

Beta endorphins are powerful pain killers.

Humor allows a person to forget about such pains as cramps, diseases of the joints, etc. It is surprising, but laughter can also lower blood pressure. Many studies have shown that people, who struggle with blood pressure, laugh very rarely. In most cases, anxiety is actually the main cause of health problems, such as hypertension. This is when laughter comes by itself. This calms down stress, which in turn regulates blood pressure readings to a large extent. Get a radiant and healthy skin tone, laughing a lot more.

A funny Democratic Comedian not only helps to repair your body, but can also repair many things. Laughing can also be a great way to minimize conflict in your relationship. When you enter into a heated discussion with your colleague, try to laugh merrily. You may find it hard to get angry when you both laugh. Instead of wasting time worrying when you make a mistake, learn to laugh at yourself. This will help increase confidence and help you lead a more balanced life. You can make laughter an integral part of your daily lifestyle, enjoying a humor show, reading comics, talking to people who help you laugh, or enjoying fun games with your family. Regular heart attacks can help you live longer, fight depressive disorders, develop self-confidence and improve your relationship. Today you can improve your life by making laughter an integral part of your daily life.

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