Get to Know More About Honey: Benefits and Uses

Honey is a sticky liquid you get in a beehive. Bees get these delicious sweet liquids from the nectars of flowers. It has about 70-80% of glucose which makes it very sweet to taste. Even before innovation, people already incorporate honey into food. People put it on their pancakes, some in their coffee, and more due to its appealing sweet taste. Nowadays, you can incorporate honey in various aspects.

People put in on their food or beverages

One common aspect about honey is that people love ingesting it. There are plenty of cuisines now that have honey in them. Many restaurants use honey as a substitute sweetener for sugar. People prefer honey because it has several health benefits.


Source of antibacterial properties

Another benefit you can get in honey is that it has a low Ph level. It means to say that it gets the moisture out of the body. By that, bacterias get dehydrated and die. So, it is a very substantial source of glucose content, where it can potentially stop some bacterias from growing in your body. It has hydrogen peroxide – a common antibacterial property.

It can be a source of medicine

Suppose that you are an individual who leans more towards natural medications. You might want to consider taking honey as your substitute. According to various studies, honey can prevent acid reflux, LBM and even heal cuts and burns. Honey is low-cost and much more accessible than drugs. You can even ingest honey to avoid having the said sickness. With that in mind, consider taking honey instead of sugar.

People use it like wax

Today, waxing your leg hairs, armpit hair, and the likes are prominent in many parts of the world. In most cases, women get hair removal often in any part of their body. If you have observed, there is an option where you can choose honey as your wax. With honey, it can reduce your chances of getting wounded. More so, it can potentially heal any existing skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne, and rosacea. According to a study, honey can also contribute meaningfully to treating these skin diseases because of its antimicrobial property.

The potential danger of honey

There may be several factors as to why honey is beneficial. You may also want to know the risk factors of it. There has been a study that you cannot give a 12 month-old and below infants honey. Recent studies found out that it can cause infant botulism. It is intestinal toxemia where infants ingest Clostridium botulinum spores that germinates in an infant’s tummy. These spores are also present in honey. 

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