Here’re tips for Airbnb service users in Paris

Here’re tips for Airbnb service users in Paris

As the first step, travelers are advised to visit the COVID-19 resources page on the Airbnb website. The page offers destination-wise travel advisories and information about the pandemic situation in various parts of the world. These resources are designed to help guests, including those planning to opt for paris eiffel tower view airbnb room.

Get answers to crucial questions before starting the journey

When was the room assigned to you last occupied? When was it cleaned? Is the space being rented continuously? Are there any restrictions for travelers in the city? Also, is there any mandatory quarantine period for travelers after arriving in the city? These are the questions you should call and ask the hotel manager or homeowner before starting your journey towards the destination.

Paris Eiffel Tower View Airbnb

This may sound negative, but experts suggest that travelers check how hospitals in the destination city handle COVID-19 patients. Your health is on the line, so it is always better to think about these aspects before beginning the journey. You should reconsider your plans if the destination you plan to visit is a coronavirus hotspot with over occupied hospitals. Don’t put your health at risk.

The fact is that you would need hospitalization if you get infected during the journey. And you won’t get medical care if hospitals in the selected city are overwhelmed. Thus, checking the status of the chosen town’s hospitals on their government website is a must.

After check-in

Ensure the room has passed the mandatory booking buffer period as per Airbnb’s policy that every partner needs to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. After checking-in at an Airbnb hotel or house, it is advisable to use disinfecting wipes to wipe-down common surfaces, switches, water taps, and the room’s intercom phone. Airbnb’s partners are very strict when it comes to following all the cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. Rooms are adequately cleaned. Remember, Airbnb has several teams that conduct surprise inspections for ensuring spaces and common surfaces are cleaned with disinfectants multiple times. You can expect every paris eiffel tower view airbnb room to be super-clean. However, it is always better to wipe down knobs, TV remote, switches, and shared surfaces to be on a safer side.

Experts also recommend travelers to clean items that they carry during traveling. Disinfecting every object, including phone, laptop, winter coats, apparel, and other devices brought into the rental can be a good idea. You can also ask the homeowner or hotel management to change bed sheets every night before sleeping.