Here’s Why You Should Prefer A Single Bed Mattress

Beds and mattresses can be found on the market, ranging from a small single to a super-king-size. The tiniest sized bed you can see is a small single. Small single beds and mattresses are 75 cm wide and 190 cm long, which turns out to be a large size to accommodate a child or a solo sleeper with limited space in the bedroom. Although individuals who sleep alone sometimes prefer to enjoy the larger sleeping area offered by a double bed, small singles also have many advantages.

This article lists the typical situations in which a small single bed and mattress which you can buy single bed sheets in Australia is sometimes a better alternative than just a traditional single or double bed:

Most reasonably priced alternative

Keep in mind that if you decide between a small single, a single, or even a small double mattress set to furnish a single bedroom, the small single bed will be cheaper than the small double for the same model. So this could help you decide whether you want to invest in a decent double mattress or better quality but smaller size mattress if you are shopping on a budget. In addition, the bed itself and the small single bed will also be a more convenient alternative.

Here’s Why You Should Prefer A Single Bed Mattress

In any situation, it is indeed a space saver

If you are looking to add additional storage solutions or make the most of every inch of space, small single beds are ideal for furnishing remote areas and offer a great compromise. If you intend to furnish a place where space may be at something of a premium, such as a bedroom, a studio flat, or even a guest room, they are also a good option, as these types of rooms do not necessarily require more extensive beds.

Suitable for young children

Small singles are also ideal for children as they do not take up much space but are still large enough to accommodate them as they grow up and are suitable for an adult solo sleeper. Children do not necessarily need to sleep on a larger bed because even novelty beds and some bunk beds usually come in a small single size.


The versatility to move the furniture all else is another fascinating advantage of adding a single bed. Since the weight of carrying the bed from one room to another will be negligible, not much physical strength will be gone. So for future reference, if you need a children’s room bed, you can easily take the furniture to sit in the baby’s room and treat yourself to a new one.

Suitable for the guest-room

When an uncalled guest persists during the night, they are a savior. If you own an old bed that does not make any noise in any of the rooms, let the guest room scream. Hence, single beds are the best material for guest rooms in your home.

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