How Often To Feed Fish Fry- Steps To Raise Your Fishes

How Often To Feed Fish Fry- Steps To Raise Your Fishes

Fish farming is nothing new. It is a practice that has been ongoing since ancient times. But when a beginner starts their journey, they often get confused between the term fish fry and a fried fish. Not many are aware that a juvenile fish is called a fry. When a fish hatches from the egg, they are not fully developed fishes but a small fry. Taking care of baby animals is already a difficult job, and nothing is different when it comes to these juvenile fishes. One of the most searched queries related to this topic is how often to feed fish fry.

When and what to feed the juvenile fishes?

The difference between feeding adult fishes and juvenile ones are immense. Baby fishes are small and delicate. Too much food can hazardous for their health. If you are not careful with the food’s quantity and quality, you can end up killing them.

Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the diet. It includes avoiding overfeed and overfilling.

Now the question is, how often to feed fish fry? It would be best to feed your juvenile fish every three to four hours while slowly increasing the gap between each feeding. Eventually, a month later, you need to feed them three to four times a day. And then, after a couple of months, you have to provide them only two to three times a day.

The food you will be giving them needs to be varied in every nutritious component and essential substance. In addition, it should consist of both plant and animal components, thus giving them the correct diet.

As soon as they are hatched from the egg, it is their first day. On the first day, you need to feed them live food. This live food is rich in protein and is nutritious for the hatchlings. They become the principal source of energy for these juvenile fishes, giving them the strength to grow and develop quickly. However, the amount of food should not be more than their eye size. You can chop the brine shrimp, bloodworms, rotifers and ciliates. And then give it to them.

Raising baby fishes require patience and commitment. If you can put dedication, then you will do great in fish farming. The initial stages for any hatchlings are always crucial. Many fishes do not survive the stage. But with proper care, they can grow to their adulthood.