How to fold a shirt in a right way?

If you are the only one who is going on a trip for any number of days, then packing your shirts and other clothes along with your essentials will barely need a suitcase or two. But this is not the same case when you want to travel with all your family members including elders and kids. You want to pack all their essentials along with yours. This situation will demand a lot of space and ideas to pack efficiently and effectively. If you are a men of this generation, then you will probably have atleast one long sleeve shirt which needs a different way of folding when packing it to a suitcase. Read how to fold a long sleeve shirt to learn a perfect way of folding a shirt to fit properly inside the suitcase.

Different kind of shirts should be folded with different methods. It includes t-shirts, shirts with collar and without collar, shirts with long sleeves and short sleeves and so on. All the above mentioned types of shirts cannot be dealt with the same method as they are all not the same. Read below to know what are all the basic ways followed in folding a shirt and which will suit your needs. They are as follows,

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  • If your shirt wanted to be free of wrinkles after taking it out from the suitcase then fold it in the following way. Put the shirt on the flat surface and fold the bottom part of the shirt upwards which has been hemmed. Fold 1/4th of each side of the shirt into the middle. Then again fold one more time on to one side like it is rolled. Then fold the hemmed bottom again in the way that it seem to be fully tucked. Now you can roll into any side that you wanted to.
  • Folding a collared shirt is more different than a normal shirt. Here, the collar should be neatly kept in order to have the same look of the shirt. Here you must face the shirt upside down and take the long sleeves on to each other sides by folding it. Fold each side into the center and then finally fold the bottom portion downwards. If you do not care about any of the wrinkles or irregular folding, then you could just fold it and roll or bundle into any shapes to save more space to keep even more clothes.

If you have properly folded the shirts but couldn’t find the right amount of space to pack all of it, make use of vacuum storage bags which has the capacity to accommodate more clothes that too in a neat manner.

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