How To Insure A Used Car

When purchasing a used car, you should know that the insurance on a previously owned vehicle works differently than it does on a new car. With a new car, the insurance is set to cover only the car itself. However, when purchasing used cars in sacramento, you must purchase additional coverage on top of the insurance to protect your personal belongings and other people in case someone is injured or in an accident with your car.

Here are the tips to take as you set up insurance on a used car:

Tip #1: Know What You’re Getting Into

A new car comes with manufacturer warranty, roadside assistance and a variety of other services to ease the pain of purchasing a new vehicle. On the other hand, used car comes with none of these. You can purchase warranty from the seller and roadside assistance from the insurance company but you have to decide whether they’re worth your money.

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Tip #2: Know How to Insure a Used Car

Purchasing a used car doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of all the great features that come with an auto insurance policy. The trick is you must know what to look for when comparing policies. You should take a look at the following:

  • First, put together a list of the things that you plan to do with the car. These are things like driving it to work, camp or camping gear. If you’re going to be putting it in storage for a lengthy period of time, then a paid for garage is a must.
  • Next, decide on whether you want liability or comprehensive coverage. Liability policies cover your damages in case someone is injured by your car. Comprehensive coverage covers damages caused by natural disaster.
  • Talk to your agent and ask what type of coverage they offer.

Tip #3: Look for the Best Deal You Can Get

As with most items, you get what you pay for. When purchasing a used car, check the rates offered by various insurers. They may vary in price depending on the type of coverage you want and how far you live from the nearest fire station or hospital.

  • Ask your agent about discounts if you can save money by paying a higher premium.
  • If you have less than perfect credit, then you may qualify for special offers from insurance companies.

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