How to take care of the tattoo

Once the tattoo has been made, some guidelines must be followed to prevent the skin from coming into contact with bacteria. Tattoo hygiene is essential.

After 24 hours after the tattoo, remove the dressing and put on the antibiotic cream.

Always be very careful to maintain the hygiene of the area you have tattooed. Never rub the skin to dry it from the water, but dab it with fabrics that are not rough but soft 타투.

Do not expose yourself to the sun in the weeks following the tattoo.

Do not touch the scabs of the tattoo, you risk creating scars.

Apply moisturizer every day. Avoid trauma, do not scratch.

If you notice anything strange, pain, swelling, redness that doesn’t heal, see your doctor.

The risks of tattooing

Let’s now move on to see what the risks that a tattoo entails for the skin of those who do it can be.

Allergy. Colored pigments can cause allergic reactions in sensitive and predisposed people.

The red color is one of the most at risk. Allergy can also occur years later.

Granuloma. It is the body’s reaction to the pigment as a substance it perceives as foreign.

Infections. If the instruments are not sterile but contaminated, there is a serious risk of contact with other people’s blood and consequently infections such as tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, even HIV. This is not a danger to be underestimated.

Skin infections. Local bacterial infections may occur, with symptoms such as pus, swelling, redness, pain.

Complications in the CT site.



The need to get tattooed. Because?

Over the centuries the tattoo phenomenon has aroused considerable interest on the part of anthropologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and criminologists, who have tried to explain it and justify its spread.

For a long time considered the art of the primitives, the outlaws, the marginalized and certain youth subcultures, today tattooing in Italy enjoys an exponential diffusion estimated at around one million people.

Better a visible area or one that is barely seen to avoid seeing your tattoo all the time?

Whether it’s a visible area or not, it’s always up to you. From your personal circumstances, your work or your tastes. There are many factors that can influence where to place a tattoo on the body, but what shouldn’t get the upper hand is the possibility of “getting tired” of it. When you permanently color your skin this should be the last of the ideas, because if you think about when you will have tired us, perhaps it is not yet the right time to make such a decision.

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