Learn everything about op guide no. 1 community site of Korea

Learn everything about op guide no. 1 community site of Korea

Are you looking for a site where you can find all domestic information in Korea? Or looking for a place where you can register and connect to various customers? Then 오피가이드 is the perfect solution for you.

About op guide

OP guide is a community site that has been around for more than four years in Korea. It provides its users with verified and running information. It is the number one community site in Korea used by more than 50,000 people for new and valid information.

The site has published an OPI guide that provides information about health therapy. The companies on the site are verified by 오피가이드 itself, so their users can get the authentic therapy company simply by one click.

Why should you use the OP guide?

Easy interface


The user-based interface of the site is easy to navigate and understand and allows you to plan monthly events for yourself or the office.


You can access the site from anywhere from your desktop/mobile. You can find the opi-guide application on the google play store and find the healthy massage by your region.

Centers in Korea.

Updated and Reviewed information

The site regularly updated the information to keep you up to date to ensure you did not miss anything new. The selected companies are reviewed according to their services and expertise to provide you with the best business.

How to register as an Opguide company?

If you want to register as an op guide company, then you can follow the following steps:

  • Send an Email to the manager of the Op guide with a copy of the business registration or a copy of the rental agreement,
  • Then the opguide team will review your business and may come for inspection,
  • If the company is satisfied with your business policies and services, they will email you with the business registration form,
  • After filling out the form and sending it, your company is registered as an opguide company.


Op guide is a community site that works well for companies and individual owners to find the relevant information simply in one click. It removes the false information and collects the relevant information before presenting you, so you can rest assured that the information you are receiving is filtered.