Learn everything about the laws in Thailand on e-cigarettes

Thailand has banned vaping and บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า since 2014. The government has prohibited these products because they would harm health and negatively influence youth. If you got caught in Thailand with vaping gear or vaping, you can get fined up to 30000 baht or could be sentenced to jail for 10 years. However, you will find many shops and online platforms that sell e-cigarettes. So, does this means you can buy vaping gear in Thailand or do vaping in Thailand?

There are strict laws of vaping in Thailand yet confusing, so today, we have decided to discuss the law and regulations of Thailand regarding vaping and vaping gear.

Thailand vape laws 

There is no actual law that especially mentions the bans on vaping and the possession of e-cigarettes. However, Section 20 of the Customs Act prohibits the import of vaping gear that is บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า.

As this section covers the list of goods that had no tax levied goods, its possession becomes illegal. So, technically vaping and possession are not legally banned.


Can you take your e-cigarettes to Thailand?

Yes, you can, but for personal use only. You can’t vape in a public place because you could get into serious trouble.

There is also a limitation on the amount of liquid you can bring for vaping, so it is safe not to bring any vape gear with you.

Can you vape in Thailand?

Recently, Thailand has been in the news when some tourists had to pay a hefty fine because they were vaping in a public place, as they were not aware of the law.

So, vaping is illegal, but if you want to vape, never choose a public place for vaping; it’s better to vape in private.

The Big Question: can you buy vaping gear in Thailand?

You can find e-cigarettes on various shops and online platforms; however, they all come in illegal activities. Thailand’s illegal e-cigarette market has grown rapidly over the year, and this growth will be up only because the number of people choosing vaping over smoking is increasing.

So, you can find vaping gear and liquids, etc., in Thailand but buy at your own risk.

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