Learn How to Hire a Good Waitresses

Learn How to Hire a Good Waitresses

Every restaurant manager faces at some point the need to hire more employees. Your employee who has given up can be a valuable asset, and it seems like no one else can fill the remaining gap in your team, but there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Act fast and hire topless waitresses in Sydney. The first thing is to make sure you know what you are doing, so make a list of requirements for a successful candidate and meet them during the hiring process. Does your restaurant need a professional with years of experience? Or would you rather have someone with a bubble-filled personality and rely on internships to put them on second? Make sure you know this well before the interview stage. It will save you time and money.

The supply of candidates is the first stage of the hiring process. You have two options upfront, and it is either to use job forums or to ask current employees for recommendations. In the first case, you will receive many requests from all sorts of people – amateurs and professionals alike, unreliable students, and experienced people with the right behavior. However, such a good selection comes at a price – it will take you a few days to browse through hundreds of apps, plus these ads usually cost money.

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The second option is somewhat safer but does not necessarily guarantee first-class professionals. The people invited by your staff will be locals, which is good and I feel the responsibility to recommend them, which is even better. You will usually have more “interpersonal skills” in these candidates than professional skills, but it is okay as long as you are willing to dedicate your time and train them.

Pay attention to the CV. No matter how mundane the job, your waitress’s resume should always be clean. Unnecessarily copied outlines are a good indication that the person you are dealing with may not appreciate the work and, in the long run, get sick every two days after every weekend. Resumes that show only academic achievements, rather than actual paid work, may indicate that he is the first person to leave when the restaurant is busy and things get more complicated.

You should have a shortlist of five to ten candidates in the interview stage. Give the green light to those interested in the restaurant and the service itself (or at least pretending to be – it means they are smart) instead of starting with questions about free meals and overtime pay. After the interviews, you need to invite a successful candidate to make a test change on a busy day.

Transforming the pilot in most cases is just a formality. Still, it allows you to check how your new team member is behaving in stressful situations, behaving towards customers, and whether he or she is interacting with the rest of the crew. If you think it won’t work – call someone else on the to shortlist for an interview.