Ow Boost and increase your ranking and earning

Boosting will sometime take a long time and after spending a dedicated good amount of time on it we would make just a very minimum wage. The main issue is you can’t be able to play consistently alongside with the different players. You will also get bad habits of disrespecting of your opponent. If you are finding the clients by websites, then you would require certain amounts of orders to fill into their account so that they will ensure that they are getting quick turnaround time from their customers.

It is not possible to scream several hours in the night, boosting and then you would not get enough time for solo queue practice and there is no personal time to spend. You will find a lot of people are having ow boost while they are studying at the university or are working at the actual job.

League also are very oversaturated in the market. Games like league are in the market from a while and there are many boosters which are available for competing.

The gamers themselves are banning self-due to this all conditions.

The gamers themselves are banning self-due to this all conditions.

Blizzard has made some changes earlier this year for prevention of throwing. They said that some players are so deliberate on reaching to the lowest level so that’s why they are throwing matches. We don’t want to incentivize this behavior so that’s why we are making a little more difficult for hitting the highest and the lowest possible ratings which are 0 to 5000. We are also not displaying any of the skill rating values which has a value lower than 500.

The developers would never accept this, but the boosted customers from ow boost are still very important to them. These customers are playing the game and making the numbers and occasionally also paying them for all the cosmetic items and are all active in doing the microtransactions.

Scenario when Riot, Blizzard and other devs banned all the booster

All the boosters are banned overnight by Riot, Blizzard and other devs then the games would become fairer in a very short term. There are some boosters and customers who may quit due to this. The devs would be making less money and it is shallow but have to consider at least for them.

According to the top UK org has mentioned the Esports news UK that if the games are free to play then no one would have ever bothered for banning the boosters too much. There are lots of people who are spending around 1000 pound for their rank and on things like RP, rare skins etc.

After ow boost the chances of customers to get banned is very low unless they are trying to go to Diamond 4 from Bronze 5.

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