Reliable Institution for Special Needs Kids In Singapore

Reliable Institution for Special Needs Kids In Singapore

Every parent must do all within his or her capacity to get the kids educated. In fact, the best inheritance you can ever give to your kid is a sound education. Every dime you spend to educate your child is worth it and the child will always be the better for it. If you are looking for how best to give your kid that highly desired bright future, then you should look for the perfect institution that can meet his specific needs. Is your kid having one or two challenges as regards learning and you want to help him to become a better student? Then you should register him at integrated International School. This is one of the best institutions where your kids can get special education Singapore.

So many features make this school to stand out and we are going to enlighten you about some of them in the course of this write-up.

Not just school work

So many institutions of leaning will only teach your kids arithmetic and the other conventional school works, but this is never the case with Integrated International School. In this institution, your kid will be taught all the conventional classroom subjects, but he will also be given something more and this is why your kids will have an advantage over the kids in many other schools in Singapore.  The added value to education offered by this institution qualifies it as one of the best places to register your kids for special education Singapore.

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Aside from school work, your kids will also be exposed to modification techniques and behavioral therapy that will help make him a more productive person. The institution will also provide counseling services that help make your kid a better person, empowering him adequately enough to handle various challenges he may find himself in.  During the counseling session, your kid will be given access to Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Expressive Therapies and even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The social skill training offered at the Integrated International School will transform your kid to someone really special. Some of the areas of focus are highlighted below:

  • Social conduct specific to developmental level
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Identifying emotion
  • Verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Self-awareness & self-esteem.

Furthermore, the professionals at this institution of learning will take your kid through occupational therapy to help improve the sensory and motor skills of the kid. The Speech Language Therapy offered here is focused on improving speech and language of your kids, as well as, improve his ability to swallow or feed. Thanks to this institution, the special needs of your kids will be met perfectly and he can surely become a far more productive human than he had ever been. The admission process is quick and easy and the services will not cost you an arm and a leg.