Serious health risks associated with lack of sleep

Serious health risks associated with lack of sleep

Sleeping is important! And yes, it may seem obvious to you, but lack of sleep leads to problems with concentration. Finally, is it still useful to remind you that you assimilate during your sleep part of what you learn the day? However, a bad sleep prevents you from doing this night work! To buy PQQ, go to the website.

Remember that sleep is decisive for several reasons: for growth, rest of our cardiovascular system or brain development. A good sleep is the guarantee of fully enjoying one’s day-to-day life. It will take some sacrifices … but it is for your physical and mental well-being. If you are facing sleep problems, then you can use PQQ. It helps with the sleep by reducing the stress hormone and controlling cholesterol. To know about PQQ, goes to the website.

Sleeping: a vital function

Sleep is a vital function of the body, just like breathing, digestion or immunity. He also plays a key role in the state of well-being during the day.

Sleep is not a continuous state: it consists of 4 to 6 sleep cycles, each of which lasts approximately 90 minutes in the adult (in a healthy body). each sleep cycle comprising several phases: slow sleep (light or deep), then paradoxical sleep.

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At the end of each cycle, there may be a brief awakening, followed by a new sleep cycle or, sometimes, a complete awakening.

Deep slow sleep is more recuperative; it is more abundant during the first 3 or 4 hours after falling asleep than during the second half of the night’s sleep.

Serious health problem can happen without proper sleep

As expected, lack of restful sleep reduces life expectancy over time. Numerous studies have shown that sleep less than five hours per night increases the risk of mortality by up to 15%.

Life filled with family responsibilities, professional or other activities which interfere with sleep, many people do not take into account the potential consequences of such lack of sleep.

Common diseases occur because of lack of sleep

Disturbance of an optimal eight hours of sleep for even two to three hours per night may result in one or more of the following mental or physical effects:

  • Alzheimer
  • cardiovascular illnesses;
  • weakening of immune functions;
  • Depression
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • Obesity
  • susceptibility to injury

To live a healthy and balanced life, you must make sure that sleep is a priority. Lack of sleep can make you mentally and physically unwell, so be aware of the symptoms of sleep deprivation and actively strive every night to prepare for a good night’s sleep.