Supplies You Need To Keep Your Pet Reptile Healthy

Making sure that your pets have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life is not that complicated. It is just vital that you know what they need. And when it comes to reptile supplies & accessories, you must be aware of what you must have on hand since every species will have various requirements.

Housing Environment

A temperature-controlled environment is required for all reptiles. Reptiles that can’t control their body temperature well are more susceptible to illness. Remember that only turtles and amphibians should be kept in all-glass tanks. A wooden or plastic enclosure with insulation for lizards and snakes is recommended.

Adequate Heating

Each species has its optimal body temperature range. Providing supplemental heating can help achieve this. Heat lamps, cords, or plates are options. Some people invest in heat mats and rocks but they should be avoided since they can malfunction and cause severe burns. A thermostat can control the temperature day or night and all year round. Ensuring adequate heat in a tiny captive setting is essential to keep reptiles healthy during the winter months.

reptile supplies & accessories

UV Lighting

UV is suitable for most reptiles. Insects, turtles, skinks, numerous geckos, and some snakes need to survive. It is critical to select UVB strength that matches the species’ basking behavior.

UV bulbs must be replaced regularly. They must be adjusted in such a way that no glass, plastic, or mesh is between the light source and your pet.

Proper Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, each species has its requirements. For example, rodents are the most common prey fed to snakes. However, live prey is not only illegal but can be very harmful to the snakes, so that should be considered. To feed lizards, you need crickets, wood roaches, silkworms, and various vegetables. On the other hand, food for turtles should include whole fish, shrimp, frozen seafood mix, and insects. At the same time, the short-necked species need some vegetables, which can be aquarium plants.

Water Quality

To keep turtles and amphibians healthy, water quality must be monitored. Turtle aquariums should include a canister filter, and you should change 25% of the water weekly. This is vital for managing water quality.

It is imperative that you fully understand what your reptile pets need. Remember that most of them have specific requirements, especially regarding the factors mentioned above. So ensure that you know how to provide a healthy and adequate environment to survive.

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