The Incredible Benefits of Pet DNA Testing

Kits for testing DNA started almost 10 years back, you could find them in supply stores for pets. This product can be a boon for anybody who has an adopted or a sheltered pet and he is curious about the breed of the pet. If you have a pet dog and you have been wondering if the robust legs are that of a doberman or the bearded face of your dog has been inherited from an Airedale and if the swimming talent is inherited from a labrador. Orivet can help you determine that.

The DNA tests we are talking about are crucial as diagnostic tools especially for veterinarians. A lot of conditions and ailments can stem from the genes passed on to the breed and this DNA complicates the medication given to dogs.

Pet DNA Testing

Recognizing Genetic Health Conditions


DNA test for dogs is categorised mainly into breed identification and also identifying any potential mutations that can cause diseases recognising the breed of a dog with a test. It can give you information on the likelihood of specific conditions that can develop in the future, however this is definitely not certain. Besides, a DNA test for a particular genetic mutation is being included in test kits that are provided over the counter and these are quite predictive.

It is not at all a bad idea for you to test for an unknown or a known mutation that can cause a condition that may require extra care especially for owners because a few breeds can retain unique mutations.

Learning about the combination of a dog’s mutation can also give rise to a need of being aware of conditions that are known to influence a specific breed.

What is more important for you is to know that a lot of brands sell DNA kits that are available online as well as at pet shops. These can cost around 50 to 100 dollars. There are a few high end ones that justify the cost. A few laboratories have a database with a lot of dog breeds which can allow them in identifying genes that may be obscure.

A lot of DNA tests include swabs that are stuck in the mouth and in the inner cheek, then the pet owners are supposed to bring that swab in a protective bag that is given in the kit to the laboratory. As a buyer you need to wait for a week or two and you will receive an email or a mail with the report that gives details of the breed and the ancestry of the dog. Some kits also have multiple swabs. It’s just a matter of time and you will be able to know the heritage and the breed of your dog.

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