The perfectself-tanner that is good for you?

The best option for tanning depends not only on your skin type, but also on your general preferences. There are several methods of sunless tanning, each of which has its own advantages and characteristics. So, what will be best for you?


Melanotan not only give it a great color, but also help to darken your skin naturally, improving the effect of ultraviolet rays. This is achieved by increasing the amount of melanin produced by your body. Most lotions contain the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA), as well as melanin, green tea extracts, natural oils and L-tyrosine. Many people are attracted to these tanning products because many lotions continue to give an additional boost to help their skin tan after applying it. It is also the cheapest and fastest method. Lotions are available in the form of gels, foams and creams.

Tan airbrush

Airbrush spraying can be done on a solarium or sprayed on yourself with a handheld device. Some consider this method to be the best tan, because it means you don’t need to be exposed to the sun at all. Although this is another economical option that is easy to apply, this tan is easily washed with water.

melanotan 2 injections

Tanning salons and cabins

Like the sun, tanning salons and booths use UVB and UVC rays to tan your skin. However, UVA rays, which are considered especially harmful to the skin, are not taken into account. The resulting tan is similar to what you would get if you were lying in the sun on a hot day. The main difference is that the ultraviolet light source is much closer to your skin than the sun, so you need less exposure time. Within two weeks of regular use, you can see the results. Many people with fair skin consider this to be the best tanning method. You can buy your own tanning bed, but they can be expensive. Therefore, most people choose a solarium. The disadvantage of this option is that it is still exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which can cause cancer if used for a prolonged period.

Tanning Injections

The active ingredient in tanning injection is melanotan 2 injections, which is a chemical found naturally in some plants and animals. Like carotene, an orange photosynthetic pigment produced by plants but not animals, stains the skin. However, with excessive use, this can cause your skin to turn orange brown. There are two main types you can buy: one that is activated by ultraviolet rays and increases the amount of melanin in your body, and the other does not. The coloring lasts as long as you continue taking pills.

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