Tips for installing a garage door

The first thing to know is that there are many different types of garage doors, with their different aspects and characteristics.  Aesthetics, security and isolation are some of the aspects that can tip the balance for one or the other. There are many contemporary garage doors company.

The so-called sectional garage doors are widely used today.  Their main characteristic is that they are made up of several horizontal sections joined with hinges.  In this way, when it is opened, it moves along guides and is stored on the ceiling.  The great advantage is that it does not take up space in front of the garage, so the use of interior space is optimal.

Once the type of door has been chosen, there are other aspects to take into account about its use.  The garage door to be installed must have some characteristics or another depending on whether it is a business, a community of neighbours, or a private home.

When used daily, garage doors must be properly installed and supervised to avoid any incident.  There is a broad regulatory framework regarding security measures, use and maintenance frameworks.  In the case of a community of neighbours, for example, it is necessary to have civil liability insurance for its installation and operation.

Automatic garage doors are a particularly sensitive element as they are used daily.  Daily use increases the chances of an accident.  That is why it is a very well-regulated area.

Remote access, an extra advantage for garage doors

contemporary garage doors company

For many users, the automation of garage doors ends with the button that is pressed to open and close them.  Remote controls are now the technology of the past.  Remote access is now integrated into our mobiles.

This is to activate it, you have to install a Starter Kit in the garage, configure it and download the application to be able to control, monitor and manage the access points.  The app allows you to activate the opening by proximity and the “open door alert”, among other personalized options for use.

The benefits of remote access to the garage door from the mobile are:

  • Savings both in controls and surveillance costs.
  • Reliability: proximity opening is the safest of most remote installations. Prevents unauthorized copies (piracy) of controls.
  • Monitoring: the door can be monitored at any time and from any distance.
  • Compatibility: this is a service that is compatible with other opening systems already installed and works in parallel.

The garage at home can be an entry point to the home and, in addition, it usually stores a valuable element: our car.  That is why an armoured garage door can be an excellent option to increase the security of our home.

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