What Is the Importance of First Aid in The Construction Industry?

What Is the Importance of First Aid in The Construction Industry?

The construction industry is a minefield for accidents because it is based in remote locations and isolated workspaces. The work is demanding and causes the use of hazardous equipment and heavy-duty machinery. It would be incorrect to call it the most dangerous work environment, but life-threatening or even fatal accidents are not uncommon. Many organizations have recognized this and are educating their employees in first aid. Thorough research can help you find the best first aid course.

Uses of First Aid in the Construction Industry:

The primary purpose of using first aid in construction is to avoid the following incidents:

  • Avoid the four deadly sins:Electrocution, an object striking a body part, falling from a great height, and injury from heavy machinery, either by being crushed under it or becoming stuck in it. If a worker contracts any of these, it is usually fatal.
  • Faster response time: While it is impossible to prevent an accident, it is more important to respond to an incident as soon as possible. First aid raises awareness of such occurrences.
  • The proper use of equipment:They teach the proper use of an AED kit and proper bandaging techniques.

What Is the Importance of First Aid in The Construction Industry

Brief About Courses in First Aid:

 In Australia, there is a competency unit for first aiders in the construction industry. The course can be as long as 1 day or could even be just 4-8 hours long.

  • HLTAID001: This course looks into teaching workers about CPR. They provide training to help resuscitate any injured person depending on the situation
  • HLTAID002: Life support and the first line of emergency actions are taught in this course. It is vital to learn of quick response time and for keeping the patient alive while an ambulance arrives.
  • HLTAID003: A basic course and it focuses on dealing with minor cuts and over-the-counter drug administration
  • HLTAID004: Related to child care and emergency, this one can help save lives on children or infants if injured at a construction site.

Basic Requirements of This Course:

To enroll in this course, they require the candidates to possess the following at the time of enrolment.

  • The person should be older than 16 years of age.
  • Have a valid photo id.
  • Allow an on-spot photo to be taken.
  • The candidate should know to speak English and understand numbers to make a report.
  • Communication skills should be such that they can inform about any accident or potential hazard.
  • Understand pictures and instructions given in the pictorial form.

Whether it’s a minor cut or a major near-fatal accident, if every employee gets trained in first aid, the chances of a coworker dying can get reduced. A first aid course also gives you an advantage when applying for a job because it assures the employer that you will be the go-to person if an accident occurs.