Whole Meat Sellers At University Meat Website

You want to eat meat, tired of going to the supermarket and standing in long queues for meat then this is it. Your final destination for meat is here at university meat. Order you favourite meat online from the website and get it delivered on your doorstep with premium quality meat. University meat is famous for its quality and has stayed loyal to its customers since day one. They have excellent customer services as meat wholesalers Melbourne. 

They provide links to farmers directly about the leading hotels, restaurants, caterers and stadiums in Melbourne. They have the best services in town with their rich history and strong root of passion towards providing freemium quality of whole meat to its customers. You get every meat variety under one roof with a single click. They provide beef, lamb, chicken, duck, pork, game, small goods and veal of premium quality. You can also create your account on the website and get offers and discounts exclusively for you.

meat wholesalers Melbourne

Creating a VIP Accounts

Once you create a VIP account you can get offers and discounts directly from the butcher’s block. This will save you lots of money and also give you a premium range of meat to eat and enjoy. You can buy meat at meat wholesalers Melbourne from any of your favourite brands like 6degrees south and Naracoorte feedlot. They offer a perfect size of neat with premium quality. You can trust them for their wholesome protein levels. The meat is hand-selected and follows the meat standards set by the Australian government.  They offer grain-fed and free-range due to which there is a year-round supply of perfect quality of meat. You can trust them with the quality as they never break the rules of standard quality production. They also follow environmental standards of meat production. Meat industry plays a very important role in environmental sustainability and university meat acknowledges that they are an integral part of the environment.

 They are offering excellent services at affordable prices since the foundation of University meat in 1960. They are providing quality meat to Melbourne city’s top hotels, restaurants and caterers.  The main values of this team are passion, predictability and growth which the whole team follows. The team is well versed about the meat industry and hospitality industry based on which they provide the quality services and are consistent in it. They try to increase their sales based on the quality they provide to those customers and rely solely on those performance. They supply meat from various brands like 36 degrees south which produces growth promotant – free cattle, Country cooked which provides quality cooked meals in Australia. D’orsogna which produces small goods, bacon, hams, continental products since 70 years. Bertocchi which produces fine meat, Casalingo smallgoods, Prestige foods, Paramount, Kilcoy etc.

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