Why does the semi-permanent nail gel is the best alternative for nail extension nowadays? Find out here.

Why does the semi-permanent nail gel is the best alternative for nail extension nowadays? Find out here.

Gel nails, as well as other types of nail extensions and polishes, have turned very popular for a very long time already. Recently, however, there has been some increasing number of fake products that hurt the trend and popularity of this very terrific cosmetic product that is used by a lot of women around the world.

It has become very trendy for a lot of women because of its ability to enhance the natural beauty and the appearance of the nails, however, fake products cannot provide this certain feature which defeats its purpose to scam women.


A lot of women have removed their nail extensions, however, and started to search for great alternative solutions that can give them long-lasting manicure and pedicure. One of the best alternatives out there is the Esmalteu├▒assemipermanente or the semi-permanent nail polish.

So, why does a semi-permanent nail polish the perfect alternative for nail extensions? To learn more about this, you should keep reading this post now.

  1. Enhanced appearance and quality– Semi-permanent manicure can make your nails look a lot brighter and enhanced compared to traditional manicures that is why a lot of women use it now because aside from giving you brighter colors, it also remains intact. It can only be removed once the nail is starting to grow.
  2. Resistant and tough to remove– Usually, a manicure or a gel polish can only last for up to two weeks. Which makes it the perfect choice for women to use semi-permanent nail polish or gel which can last for a month making it suitable for women to use it when they travel to other places and also it lessens their worry that if they move frequently or do things, it will not be easily removed? Semi-permanent nail polish is the best alternative women can use.
  3. It dries quickly– Semi-permanent nail polish can dry up quicker than your regular manicure which cuts off the waiting time when you apply it either at your home or at your favorite nail salon. Using an ultraviolet lamp, you do not have to wait for a couple of hours for it to dry, it only takes less than five minutes for it to completely dry.


Semi-permanent nail gel polish is surely the top choice for women who are looking for an alternative since semi-permanent nail extensions are now heavily being faked by a lot of scammers. However, before you even buy semi-permanent nail gel polish, make sure you only purchase the legit ones by buying it at well-known cosmetic shops both at physical stores or at online shops.